Kids First Fund
Board of Directors

William Boyd

Paul Holley

Pamela Oksiuta

Mary Cline

Amy May-Ballard

Cindy L. Madson

Pauline G. Mitchell

Dwayne G. Olsen

Steve Schiele

Jeanette Brown

Al Volmut

Pamala Handrow
How can you help?

Everyone is aware of the importance of public education and its influence on the future direction of our society and culture. What we do for our children now has a direct impact not only on their individual lives but on the life of our entire community. With a tax-deductable gift to Kids First, you are helping enhance the education of our public school children. You are making a difference in the adult they will become.

Your donations can be sent by check or money order to:

Kids First Fund
PO Box 044654
Racine, WI 53401

Please consider remembering the Kids First Fund in your estate. We welcome gifting of securities and/or other assets.